Miraje Border Collies

Sh Ch Miraje The Storm Lord

Wizaland Loves Casanova x Loracian Black Velvet

DOB: 16th May 1996

Sh Ch Miraje the Magician

Sh Ch Beesting Warrior x Wizaland Newz Splash

DOB: 28 August  1994

Miraje The Composer

Sh Ch Miraje The Magician x Loracian Black Velvet

DOB: 19th April 2000

Miraje Dallas Dreamer

Am Ch / Sh Ch Beagold Mr Lennox x Miraje Feeling Blue

DOB: 11th March 1997

Sue Large

Wizaland Border Collies

Sh Ch Madeleys Moments in Time at Miraje

Aust ch, Sh Ch Nahrof No Comment x Madeleys Hit the Rite Note

DOB: 30 March 1997

Wizaland Loves Casanova

Sh Ch Wizaland Newz Edition x Sh Ch Image Of Love At Clan Abby

DOB: 30th June 1993


best friend and mentor

Sh Ch Trumond Shimmer

Wizaland Newz Sensation x Beesting Fanzy

DOB: 7 May 1990